Walking Frames

Walking frames, sometimes known as zimmers, can be purchased with or without front wheels either in standard or ultra narrow widths. All come  in various height options and are adjustable. Folding versions are also available. Below we show you just some of the options from which to choose.

Domestic walking frames

Available in a variety of sizes to suit individual needs, the Dometic Walking frame is a standard width frame manufactured from robust, lightweight aluminium for easy manoeuvrability. They provide a wide support base which aids balance and are available with or without front wheels. All have push button height adjustment.

Three frame sizes – small, medium and large

Ultra Narrow walking frames

Like the domestic walking frames, these are available in various sizes and are adjustable in height.  The difference is they have a narrow footprint making them ideal for use where space may be limited.

Forearm Platform walking frames

The forearm platform walking frame enables users to spread weight through their forearms instead of their hands. This is ideal for those who do not have the manual dexterity to use grips on a standard frame or who prefer to weight bear through their forearms.

They are available in a variety of widths and sizes, wheeled and non-wheeled.

Folding walking frames

Lightweight folding frames are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and because they are foldable, enable easy storage and transportation.

Choose between the wheeled or non-wheeled versions, both are adjustable in height and have vinyl contoured hand grips for added comfort.

Easy Riser Walking Frame

The Easy Riser walking frame has been specifically designed with two pairs of handgrips on two levels to aid the user when rising from a seated position.

Like the other foldable frames, it has a one touch folding mechanism and vinyl contoured hand grips for added comfort.

Lightweight frame with seat


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