Mobility Scooters

We believe it is essential, particularly when buying a powered product, to be able to compare and choose from a variety of products, to be able to seek advice and discuss your circumstances, to ensure you buy a product that best suits your individual needs, and most importantly, to have the confidence that you will be taken care of once you have the product home.

Nothing compares to being able to see the different models of scooters first hand. We keep a range of scooters at our showroom, from the smaller boot scooters and folding scooters to the larger pavement and 8mph road scooters, dealing with the major brands available including TGA, Pride Mobility, SupaScoota, Rascal and EFoldi.

We are fully committed to offering the absolute best in customer service, both throughout the decision-making process and after sales, when dealing with a familiar face and a physical shop can be extremely valuable.

Do come and visit us and if you would like a more in depth discussion with us about the options available to you, give us a call to make sure that Tony – our co-founder and scooter specialist – will be available.

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