Information & Advice

Please find below useful some useful information and advice provided by HMRC government, RICA as well as information provided by some of our suppliers which we believe may be of interest to our customers and their families

We will continue to update this information from recognised bodies where we believe it is useful and appropriate for our customers and are happy to help if you visit our shop.

HMRC Guidelines regarding VAT for older and disabled people. Click on image to access website


Reliefs from VAT for disabled and older people (VAT Notice 701/7)

How to apply for or renew a Blue Badge (click image)

Apply for a blue badge

Useful Information about Walking Canes

Classic Canes – How Long Should My Walking Stick Be?
Classic Canes – How To Tighten The Bungee Cord inside A Folding Cane


Information for Vehicle Users

Mobility Vehicle Users – guidance

Information from RICA

RICA COMPLETE getting-in-and-out-of-a-car

RICA COMPLETE wheeled-walking-frames

RICA difficulty-getting-in-and-out-of-the-bath

RICA medicine-dispensers

RICA riser-recliner-chairs


Useful Information about Incontinence


Understanding urinary incontinence in adults










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