Mobility Equipment for Hire in Finchley, North London

Here at Mobility North London we offer you the opportunity to hire mobility equipment.

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The option of hiring mobility equipment can help to make things possible that would otherwise be, at least, challenging for someone with limited mobility. For example, hiring out equipment might allow you to more comfortably attend a hospital visit, a special family day out or even a holiday!

Hiring items can also be a useful way to help you decide if that type of equipment is right for you, an opportunity to try before you buy. For instance, you may not feel you need a wheelchair just yet – trying one for a day out can help you decide what type of wheelchair would best suit you once you are ready.

We have a selection of mobility aids available for you to hire. Once you have decided you would like to hire a product, we prioritise making sure that you are comfortable with any controls and that any questions you may have are answered fully before you leave our shop. Below you will see brief details of our equipment available for hire, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Our Hires

Our Hires

At Mobility North London, we hire out a wide range of products. Our hires include scooters, power-chairs, wheelchairs, walking aids, ramps and knee walkers. Detailed information on the products we hire out can be found below:

mobility scooters for hire


We are asked mainly for scooters that can be transported in the boot of a car, and at times have larger scooters available for hire, where we can arrange drop off and pick up if required. It is a good idea to discuss your needs in advance to check if we have something suitable available.

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powerchairs for hire


As with our scooters, our hire stock is constantly being updated but we endeavour to have a choice of powerchairs available for hire. Some are more suitable for indoor use, others more stable for use outdoors but less easy to transport. Please call for advise as for scooters.

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wheelchairs for hire


On our hire fleet, we have a selection of both transit and self-propelled chairs available at all times. Additionally, we are happy to provide a suitable cushion for a small extra charge. Elevated footrests, (often requested for supporting broken limbs), can be fitted to some of our hire wheelchairs but it is wise to check in advance for availability of these accessories.

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walking aids for hire

Walking Aids

As with wheelchairs we endeavour to have both triwalkers and rollators available to hire at all times. These are often requested when a relative is coming to stay and the extra stability they offer gives peace of mind to all. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they are lightweight and foldable.

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ramps for hire


Suitcase style ramps can be useful to allow access for a wheelchair user particularly when not required as a permanent fixture. Again, it is wise to contact us in advance if possible to check which type of ramp you need. Should a hire ramp not be suitable, we can advise on the various ramp solutions for purchase.

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knee walkers for hire

Knee Walker

A knee walker is particularly useful for those recovering from surgery and can be a good alternative to crutches. Customers tell us it is also fun to use and is quite
the head-turner!

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Cost of Hire

The cost of hire varies from product to product, and the length of time you require it and there is a minimum two day hire charge. A cash deposit is taken, based on the cost of the hire, which is returned on safe return of the hire product. Detailed information on hire prices can be found by phoning the shop on 0203 417 7505

We are usually able to deliver and collect the larger items free of charge in our local area for any hire period of two weeks or more.

On returning the hired product you might decide you would like to buy the product, or something similar. If you decide to buy the product, or a different product in that range, we will refund the hire charge paid against the cost of that item.*

*maximum two weeks of hire charge value

*hire charges can only be refunded at the time of the return of the hire product

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