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Our Cosyfeet and Sandpiper shoes and socks includes a diabetic friendly range.

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Yes, we believe we have the most extensive range of injury supports available anywhere in London.

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Blue Badge Protectors are by far the best solution.

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We sell a variety of back and seat cushions to help alleviate back pain. The solution may vary from person to person depending on the area of pain and the situation they need the cushion for. For this reason, we keep a good range in the shop for people to try.

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Our pressure cushions come in various risk categories. The high risk or very high risk cushions are the choice for someone at risk of or already showing signs of a pressure sore. Mattress toppers and mattresses with pressure relief may also help.

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Yes, we have a good assortment of aids for such difficulties.

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We stock both disposable and washable bed and chair protection, as well as wearable products to help keep you and your bed/chair dry in such situations.

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Although it is not a legal requirement, it is strongly advised that people take out insurance to cover personal safety, third-party liability and the value of the mobility scooter. It will be important to check whether your household insurance covers storage or parking for your mobility scooter at home.

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Road scooters need to be registered but there is no vehicle tax payable for scooters or powerchairs. We will help you to do this when you purchase one from us.

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It is advisable to get your scooter or powered wheelchair serviced annually.

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There are rain covers to protect both you and your scooter while out and about, and storage covers in various sizes and thicknesses.

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Mobility Scooters should be supplied with IATA (The International Air Transport Association) compliant batteries when new. This certification is designed to ensure that batteries can safely cope with the environmental challenges presented by commercial air transport. Of course, if non approved batteries have been used as replacements for the original batteries, then compliance would no longer be assured. (Make sure that any replacement batteries are IATA approved).

Ultimately, the airline has the right to refuse to carry any cargo that it deems unsafe or unfit for transport regardless of approval status although refusal to transport is very uncommon. The airline will also require the batteries to be isolated form the scooter and will either remove and / or disconnect them prior to flight at their own discretion.


You can choose to add a pressure-relieving seat raiser cushion on top of the seat or add a booster cushion between the base and seat cushion. Alternatively, there is a choice of raised feet that go under the legs of the chair, to raise the height of the actual chair.

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Should you be thinking of replacing your chair, choose between a fireside style chair or buy a riser recliner, both of which come in a variety of seat heights.

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You can move the back independently from the base on the dual motor chair you cannot on the single motor chair.

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The Waterfall Back is more versatile as you can unzip the cushions to adjust the filling for lumber and neck support on most other Button Back designs you cannot.

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Yes, many of our British made chairs come in three different sizes, other chairs are one size, normally based around the medium size chairs. Our bespoke chairs offer even more size options, for the seat height, depth and width as well as back height.

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Our British made chairs offer a good choice of fabrics, many kept in stock at our manufacturers, including ultra-leather and many other fabrics options can be made to order including leather.

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We would always recommend coming into the shop to be able to compare the different models available and try before you buy.

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Give us a call or leave a message and we will organise for our engineer to visit. Most of our chairs come with a five-year warranty which we personally look after for our customers. 

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