Leisure, Wellness and Orthopaedic

Within each or our product categories, we aim to offer a good range as individual needs and preferences vary enormously. We believe this is particularly important when it comes to Orthopaedic Supports and Pressure Care solutions.

For our Pressure Care range, it means our customers can come into the shop to try out and compare the benefits of various cushions and other products to find the best solution to their needs.

When it comes to Orthopaedic Products, it is always preferable to be able to see various options side by side before purchasing. At Mobility North London we offer a comprehensive range of supports and braces to help relieve pain, brace sprains, and provide support post-surgery and to aid injury recovery. We also stock options for those suffering from arthritic hands, plantar fasciitis, neck pain and sports injuries, to enable you to readily compare and purchase as soon as the need arises.

Radar keys, Blue Badge Protectors and Fall Prevention are also found in this Leisure and Wellness section, as well as ideas for useful items when going out and about.

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