At Mobility North London, you will find Cosyfeet and Sandpiper extra roomy footwear for both men and women. Designed to fit and flatter swollen feet, this footwear is much roomier than the wide fitting footwear you’ll find in most high street shops. As such, most customers find that if they order the same shoe size they wore before experiencing swelling, our footwear is wide and deep enough to provide the extra room they need.

There are styles to suit most foot conditions such as bunions, problem toes, bandaging, oedema and many are suitable for diabetics. Most have a removable footbed so you can insert your own orthotic. For very swollen feet, strap extensions are also available for many styles.

We also keep in stock a good range of extra roomy socks, designed to fit swollen feet and legs and a range of diabetic- friendly, seam-free socks which are specially designed for sensitive or vulnerable feet. Extra-long shoehorns and sock and tights aids can also be found in the shop.

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