Ramps allow access for mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, scooter and power-chairs. They are available include aluminium suitcase style ramps in either 3′ or 6′ lengths, deluxe suitcase ramps of various lengths, aluminium or rubber threshold ramps and modular ramps kits.

We can also supply a bespoke range of ramps.

Folding Ramp

Drive folding ramp

This folding ramp provides a perfect and safe solution for disability and mobility access. Two hinged tracks simply unfold and can be positioned accordingly for maximum safety and support.

These lightweight, aluminium ramps are easy to use and feature raised edges fro added safety and peace of mind.

Drive folding ramp

Aerolight Xtra ramp

  • Folds and clips together for convenient, compact storage
  • Flat hinge underneath for the best possible step clearance
  • Contrasting colour edge strip increases visibility
  • Very easy to carry and deploy
  • Full-width anti-slip surface provides excellent grip
  • Grip surface folds inside when stored and carried for protection and ultimate safety when carrying and deploying


Aerolight Extra ramp

Threshold Ramp

Drive Threshold Ramp

The fixed height design of these ramps means they can be placed over most doorways and easily removed as required.

They are lightweight, portable and have an excellent check plate grip surface.

Available in three sizes – 60cm (1.9ft), 80cm (2.6ft) and 100cm (3.2ft).

Drive threshold ramps

SecuCare Threshold Ramps

If you are an active person then walking over a threshold something taken for granted. But if you are less mobile. then walking over a threshold can be more difficult and even dangerous. The threshold SecuCare help is a brand new solution which has taken 1.5 years to research and develop. The system is made of durable plastic and is 95% recyclable. It consists of several components that are clipped together. The system is suitable for use indoors and outdoors. It is lightweight, strong, can be easily dismantled, 5-year warranty, maintenance free, and comes with all necessary installation tools. To assemble you only need to have your own rubber hammer! There are four standard sets, which should be suitable for most indoor and outdoor thresholds. However there are extension kits available for all 4 sets to make the ramp wider if required. In addition there are endless possibilities for customisation: different heights, widths, etc. 

Doorline Range of Threshold ramps

Whatever the threshold, the Doorline range can cope. For  the few situations our standard range can not deal with, custom ramps can be made exactly to your specifications.

  • Great for overcoming door thresholds
  • Very simple to deploy
  • Can be used either side or both sides of a door
  • Removable and leave-in-place solutions available
Doorline Multi rampDoorline Wedge rampDoorline Neatedge ramp

 Full Width Ramps

Aerolight Classic ramp

  • Great portable solution for thresholds, kerbs and steps
  • Well suited for public access
  • Extremely stable; perfect for walking users


Aerolight Classic ramp

Aerolight Lifestyle ramp

  • New rigid handles for safety and ease-of-use
  • Safety hinges with pinch protection
  • Highest strength-to-weight ratio scooter ramp available!
  • Incredibly compact for storage
  • Easy vehicle loading


Aerolight ramp

Aerolight Broadfold ramp

A simple and effective scooter ramp, the Aerolight Broadfold ramp folds to half-length for compact storage.

  • Now with four rigid handles for safety and ease-of-use
  • Easy vehicle loading – superb solution for taxi and minibus ramp applications.
  • Highest capacity broadfold ramp on the market!
  • Full-width lip locates firmly into vehicle
Aerolight Broadfold ramp


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