Drive K-Chair Self Propel Wheelchair


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  • User weight capacity: 115kg
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Folding frame with removable footrests and half-folding back mechanism 
  • Padded desk-style armrests 
  • Available in 2 colours:


The Drive K-Chair Self Propel Wheelchair has been developed to provide a new level of comfort for wheelchair users. The K-Chair features adjustable suspension that can be tailored for the user and the environment thus reducing the effects of any uneven floor surface. The K-Chair has been designed with comfort of ride and quality in mind. It is suitable for occasional or frequent use, and can be used outdoors and indoors. Its aluminium frame is lightweight and durable, and moves with the adjustable shock absorbers to tailor the ride to each individual user’s preference. The wheelchair comes with 24” rear wheels and is designed for a single user up to 115kg.

Here at Mobility North London we believe it is important to choose your wheelchair to best suit your personal needs. Certain features of our wheelchairs may be more useful to you than others. For instance, it may be imperative that your wheelchair is able to be easily transported in the boot of a car. Alternatively, a comfortable ride may be more of a priority for you. 

Nothing compares to being able to get a feel for the different types of wheelchairs first hand. We keep a diverse range of wheelchairs at our showroom and welcome you to visit us so that we can help you decide what’s right for you. If you would like a more in depth chat with us about the options available to you, give us a call to check that Tony – our co-founder and wheelchair specialist – will be available. 

We place a high importance on customer care and so will always ensure that you leave our showroom feeling looked after. We believe it is very important for you to be fully confident when using your new wheelchair, so please do ask us any questions you may have. Please note that we also offer our customers a 12 month warranty with their wheelchair purchase. 


Drive Phantom Self Propel Wheelchair

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