Wheelchair Cushions


Harley Proform Range

Manufactured from high grade, nodular, polyurethane foam. Supremely versatile and comfortable. Ideal for use 


around the home or in a wheelchair. For use with or without the insert. Luxury faux suede cover as standard. 


Harley Pressure Tex Cushion

The proven design of The Pressure-Tex Cushion makes this a firm favourite with our clinicians. It is geometrically contoured into


sections which operate independently allowing maximum weight distribution. Superbly comfortable and helps keep skin cool and free from Pressure areas. Supplied with Harley Dartex waterproof / VP cover. Other options available. Suitable for patients up to medium risk (with appropriate nursing care).


Harley Visco Tex Cushion

A dual layered cushion that combines a base of high density polyurethane foam with temperature sensitive visco elastic memory foam. 


 The quality of the base provides stability which is crucial to the success of any seating appliance, balance, durability and user confidence. The profiled upper surface provides exceptional comfort, pressure relief and added support via the geometrically contoured cubes of the visco elastic foam. The independent modules of memory foam operate independently and uniquely to distribute the load whilst assisting the skin to remain cool and therefore reduce the risk of pressure issues developing. Supplied with a Harley Dartex waterproof / VP cover with other cover options also available. Suitable for patients up to high risk (with appropriate nursing care). 


Harley Visco Gel Cushion 

The ultimate pressure relieving cushion within the Harley range of wheelchair cushions. This cushion incorporates a unique Gel 


insert that is positioned to the rear of the cushion. The Reflex polyurethane foam base provides the stability and support necessary. A layer of Visco Elastic Memory foam covers the entire upper surface which provides the comfort, relief and protection, plus it works to insulate the gel so that it nevers feels cold to the user. Supplied with a Harley Premium Dartex multi stretch, waterproof, VP cover with an anti slip base.


Ultimate Healthcare Onyx 1

A standard foam cushion covered in a soft touch, breathable, waterproof cover. The Onyx 1 offers comfort and stability for 

those at risk of pressure ulcer development. It has a 2 way stretch, vapour permeable cover, which promotes comfort and assists infection control. It also has a non-slip base, which aids moving and handling procedures. 



Ultimate Healthcare Onyx 2

A castellated CMHR foam cushion offering good pressure distribution and stability. Supplied with Ultimate Plus stitched, 


waterproof/vapour permeable 2 way stretch cover with a non-slip base and carry handle. TheOnyx 2 has been developed to give superior pressure distribution and reduces the factors attributed to “shear and fiction”. Suitable for those up to a medium risk of pressure ulcer development. It differs from the Onyx 1 in that it has modular cut foam, which offers excellent pressure reduction, comfort and support.


Ultimate Healthcare Onyx 3

A multi layered design incorporating visco elastic and CMHR foam, which moulds to a patients shape. Supplied with an Ultimate 

Plus stitched waterproof/vapour permeable 2 way stretch cover with a non-slip base and carry handle. This prevents infection and aids moving and handling procedures. The Onyx 3 visco elastic layers adjust to every users body type to offer excellent pressure distribution while the CMHR foam provides a stable base for maximum effect. Suitable for those up to a high risk of pressure ulcer development.



Systam DuoForm Cushion

This cushion features two viscoelastic gels moulded with an anatomic polyurethane highly resilient foam, for those up to a high 


risk of pressure ulcer development. Its complex structure of viscoelastic polyurethane gel helps to avoid gel migration and continually ensures that the contours of the users sacrum are effectively moulded. The addition of a high-resilience foam base enables the cushion to adapt to the users body. An anatomical shape with raised lateral edges and a front to back slope improves the positioning, stability and the comfort of the user.



Systam ViscoFlex Cushion

Viscoelastic foam with memory effect and an ergonomic insert for those up to a very high risk of pressure ulcer development.

 TheViscoFlex Cushion is an anatomic moulded cushion made from viscoelastic foam with memory effect and an ergonomic insert which provides pressure reduction.


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