Wheelchair Comfort


Memory Foam Wheelchair Arm Rest Cushion

Developed due to high demand; this pair of black memory foam arm rest pads contain a thick layer of supporting memory foam to


cushion your elbows and forearms when sat for long periods of time. These arm rest cushions were specifically designed for wheelchair use, but can also be used on other types of chair (Straps measure 22cm each). Simply secure the arm rest cushions by tying the straps around your arm rest with the hanging fiber filled section on the inside of the arm to give extra cushioning support to your side and to stop drafts. W13.5” x L17” x D11⁄4” (34cm x 43cm x 3cm)


Ripple Wheelchair Comfort Seat

The Ripple Comfort Seat adds overall extra padding to the base, back and arms of your chair or wheel chair. Rounded contour nodules 


help spread body weight reducing friction and pressure. Extra lumbar support for the lower back improves posture. Ideal for armchairs and wheelchairs (with ribbon fastenings that prevent cushions from slipping). Superior quality foam for long term support. Seat: L41cm x W42cm x D7.5cm (16” x 16 1/2” x 3”)
Back: L43cm x W42cm x D7.5cm (17” x 16 1/2” x 3”)


Harley T Shaped Cushion

Designed to provide comfort, warmth and support whether being used in a wheelchair or around the home. Completely 


washable and covered in luxurious suedette fabric. Flexible construction makes this cushion suitable for the majority of chairs and wheelchairs. Available in brown, blue and black.


Harley Thoracic Back Support

This versatile product assists in the prevention of incorrect spinal alignment stabilising the trunk to maintain a mid-line


position. Simple to adjust lateral supports using multi-way touch close fastening. Integral rigid plate with soft polyurethane foam topping. Fits most chairs and wheelchairs. Easily fitted using two elasticated buckled straps. Removable, multi-stretch, waterproof cover. Size: 43x43cm (17×17″). Lateral Supports 20cm (8″). Customised sizes available on request.


Harley Comfort Ease Cushion

This attractive cushion is ideal for a variety of situations as it is lightweight, comfortable and easily transportable.  It has 


durable, medium density polyurethane foam. It has a discreet tail bone cut out for optimum comfort. It has a carry handle and comfy topping with water repellent fabric base, which makes this cushion ideal for outings. Tartan cover (as standard), although other options available. Size: 40x36x4cm (16x14x1.5″). 


Harley 2-Way Sculptured Support Cushion

This cushion features two different user ways to give maximum choice. It has nodular foam on one side or if you prefer a flat cushion, 


just flip it over for the 2-way option. It is designed to give cushioned comfort to the whole seating area. The special cut out allows the tail bone to virtually ‘float in mid air’ ensuring ultimate comfort and relief. Tartan cover (as standard), although other options are available. Size: Seat 40x36x5cm (16x14x2″) Back 40x36x5cm (16x14x2″). 


Seat Softener Cushion

This cushion is able to make any seat softer, reducing numbness in the back and backside when sitting for long periods and also help 


reduce the symptoms of sciatica and lower back pain. The seat softener does not provide lumbar support, but a lumbar support cushion can be fitted over the top. 



Full Length Lumbar Support Cushion

This cushion offers firm back support, as well as has multiple strapping and a non slip back to prevent movement. 


Back Support Cushion

This cushion consists of viscoelastic foam with memory effect and has a multi-bearing surface helping to improve the 


position and stability of the user. It acknowledges the body shape and posture of the user as it helps to provide better pelvic support resulting in the reduced risk of pressure ulcers due to forward slipping.   


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