Threshold Ramps


Doorline-Multi Ramp

Now available in 2 sizes, this unique product rests securely on the threshold whilst spreading the weight and creating a strong edge

nosing for any Aerolight ramp needed for access from the outside. The result is  a comfortable route all the way to the inside of the property. It has a unique lip design with rubber anti-slip to safely eliminate threshold damage. It is extremely lightweight for quick and easy use, with full 300kg capacity. It is comfortable, fold away and has rattle free handle.


Doorline-Wedge Ramp

This product is extremely lightweight, has excellent grip surface, and its anodised aluminium finish prevents stains and 

corrosion. The classic wedge ramp is still a great solution to internal and external steps and thresholds. It is available in a wide range of sizes. 


Doorline-Neatedge Ramp

This rubber door threshold ramp is unobtrusive, strong and versatile. This range is specially produced to a variety of practical heights 

and widths and can be easily trimmed, cut or joined for any application. It is excellent value for money. The sloping edges allow access from any angle. The soft surface is great for use in schools and nursing homes. It is also ideal for use in wet rooms. It has an incredible weight capacity. 



Highly presentable and very practical, these bridge threshold ramps are perfect for overcoming internal and external awkward 

thresholds. Choose from 4 sizes. It has an unmatched level of finish to prevent stains and corrosion. It is easy to carry. It has an excellent grip surface, and has rubber strips to prevent slipping and protect floors. 




These modular ‘lego style’ ramp kits make it possible to build a tailor-made ramp for your threshold. It is easily configured and adapted for

any application. It is totally weatherproof and quick to install. It is 100% compatible with other brands. Choose from 4 popular kits. 



Secucare Threshold Ramp

The Secucare Threshold Ramp is the result of 1.5 years of research and development. The system is made of durable plastic and 

is 95% recyclable. It consists of several components that are clipped together. It is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. It is lightweight, strong, can be easily dismantled, and comes with all the necessary installation tools. To assemble you just need a rubber hammer! There are four standard sets, which should be suitable for most thresholds. There are extension kits available to make the ramp wider if required. 


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