Wooden Canes


Wooden Crooks

One of the most traditional of walking sticks, our wooden crooks are perfect for everyday use.  



Wooden Derby Canes

A smart and traditional walking stick suitable for use in both town and country. The derby handle offers excellent support to the 


hand, and may be hooked over the arm when not in use.  



Wooden Fashion Canes

A very striking and stylish cane, perfect for everyday use as well as smart occasions. It feels very comfortable in the hand and 


provides excellent support to the user.  


Wooden Orthopaedic Canes

A striking cane, suitable for everyday support. The orthopaedic handle is available to fit the left or right hand.  The handle is 


suitable for those who cannot grasp a traditional crook or derby handle, and spreads the user’s weight across the palm of the hand. These canes are often bought in pairs.  


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