Walking Frame Accessories



Walker Bag

This walker bag has three large  compartments. as well as  mesh compartments for smaller items. It has front velcro fastening to keep 


items safe. It is lightweight and hardwearing. It is made from an easy, wipe clean material. It has an adjustable strap for optimum fit. It fits to the walking frame at four points to provide extra security.  It is perfect for storing personal items such as books, magazines. remote controls etc. It is easily fitted and removed. 


Net Bag

This net bag stores personal items and clips to any walking frame. It is made from knotted nylon. It is useful for shopping or 


daytime requirements. It is easy to install. 


Buckingham Caddy

The Buckingham Caddy has been developed by healthcare professionals to enable users of wheeled walking frames to safely 


transport a variety of daily living items. In most instances it can replace the need for a trolley enabling you to carry most items safely and more importantly, independently. It has one large and one small compartment to allow you to separate items such as glasses, keys and medication. The tray is designed to safely transport a plate of food. It features a mug holder to prevent any inadvertent spilling. The caddy is simple to fit to most styles of walking frames. It is made from tough, durable plastic that can be cleaned in a dishwasher and has drainage holes for easy drying. 


TriWalker Tray and Basket

This optional basket and tray provides additional storage and a tray that can be used indoors for use when carrying your lunch 


from the kitchen.


Stick Holder

This stick holder is suitable for most rollators.  It holds most standard walking sticks. It fits 25mm (1″) tubing. It requires tools for 


fitting and all fixtures are included. 



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