Cane and Crutch Accessories


Wrist Loops

A very useful accessory for the walking stick user who does not like to drop their walking stick.  The elastic collar fits around the neck of 


the walking stick (to fit, slide up stick from ferrule end. If the stick is fitted with a rubber ferrule, this must be removed temporarily in order to fit the wrist loop). The cord loop may then be placed around the user’s wrist, allowing them to have both hands free without dropping or losing their walking stick. 


Cane Holders

This is a very practical walking stick accessory.  It clips onto the neck of a walking stick, fitting most diameters. When not 


required, the reflective clip sits discreetly parallel to the  cane.  When needed to rest a stick beside a horizontal surface, the clip is easily adjusted to sit on the surface, keeping the stick secure and preventing it from sliding to the ground. 


Walking Stick Bags

Easily store your adjustable walking stick in this stylish, compact bag.  It is handy for use out & about or while not in use at home. It features a 


press-stud fastener to stop the stick from slipping out  and a handy D-ring to hang from a coat hook or easily clip onto a handbag or wheelchair. Rambling roses, soft pastels and rich berry tones give this collection a nostalgic charm with a modern feel. It is available in a variety of fabrics, our Blue Badge Co walking stick bags are designed and handmade in a Bristol based studio. Stick not included.


LED Lamp Attachment

A high quality LED lamp attachment that clips easily onto a walking stick or walking frame, to fit diameters between 22 and 


26mm.  Easily operated with a large on-off switch on the top of the unit, it directs light downwards to illuminate the user’s route.  Very useful when going to the bathroom at night for example.  Supplied with two size AAA batteries. 


Crutch Comfort Pads

Constructed from a core of high density polyurethane foam topped on either side with a layer of visco elastic memory foam. Covered in a 


multi-stretch/waterproof fabric with Velcro fastenings. The combination of memory foam and the multi-stretch fabric allows these pads to easily wrap round a crutch or stick handle. These versatile pads provide pressure relief and support for users with brittle skin type and hand disabilities. Can also be used on a variety of walking aids Supplied as a pair. 



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