SupaScoota Sport


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  • Speed: 4mph max.
  • Vehicle Class: 2
  • Range: 8 miles max./12 miles with upgrade max.
  • User Weight: 20 stone max.
  • Weight without batteries: 32.3kg
  • Simple to take apart
  • Insurance: 3 months free
  • Available in blue: 

The SupaScoota Sport provides one of the most comfortable rides amongst portable scooters. It is incredibly compact and ensures your confidence with its added safety features.

In terms of comfort, the SupaScoota Sport has a long wheelbase allowing added legroom as well as a comfortable seat. It also has a distinctive coil spring suspension, which ensures a smooth ride and comfort that is unmatched by other portable scooters. In comparison to the SupaScoota Sprint, the SupaScoota Sport is slightly larger, making it heavier but also more comfortable

The SupaScoota Sport also has impressive safety precautions. It has an electromagnetic stability function, which slows down the scooter when you are turning a corner, and it has anti-tip wheels, which will give you confidence on the rougher terrains and on inclines of up to 9 degrees. 

This contemporary model of scooter is perfect for outdoor adventures. The SupaScoota Sport provides you with an enhanced performance, with 2 x 150 Watt motors,  2 speed forward and reverse controls as well as a sharp turning radius. With the option of a spare battery pack and off board battery charging, your scooter can keep you moving on your long days out. It folds and locks in 10 seconds, and has a high-quality lightweight steel frame and an ultra light lithium battery option, making it easy to transport by car, plane, train, or cruise ship. The gift of independence that comes with owning a scooter like the SupaScoota Sport will make your day to day routine a pleasure. 

Here at Mobility North London we believe it is important that you choose your scooter to best suit your personal needs. Certain features of our scooters may be more useful to you than others. For instance, it may be imperative that your scooter is able to be easily transported in the boot of a car. Alternatively, a comfortable ride may be more of a priority for you. 

Nothing compares to being able to get a feel for the different types of scooters first hand. We keep a diverse range of scooters at our showroom and welcome you to visit us so that we can help you decide what’s right for you. If you would like a more in depth chat with us about the options available to you, give us a call to check that Tony – our co-founder and scooter specialist – will be available. 

We place a high importance on customer care and so will always ensure that you leave our showroom feeling looked after. We believe it is very important for you to be fully confident using the controls on your new scooter, and so please do ask us any questions you may have after we have demonstrated them to you. Please note that we also offer our customers a 12 month warranty and 3 months free insurance with their SupaScoota Sport purchase.

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