Exercise and Therapy Products


Therapy Gel Balls

Our Gel Balls are colour coded to provide variable resistance training for hands, fingers and forearms. The balls are pleasant to 


touch and return back to their original shape after each squeeze. Perfect for use in the clinic or at home. There are 5 strengths to choose from: Pink – Extra Strong,  Blue – Soft,  Green – Medium,  Orange – Firm and Black – Extra Firm. 


Rolyan Therapy Putty 

The wide range of sizes and resistances available means that there’s an exercise putty for everyone. Large tubs are great for giving out samples 


to clients and patients while the smaller amounts are great for personal use. Resistance putty is a great tool for helping recover from hand and wrist injuries. Sammons Preston Therapy Putty enables a wide variety of hand movements and stretches. These exercises include stretches, pinches, twists, and grips. This putty is great for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and hand workouts. The progressive system makes exercises more challenging as you work through the colours. This helps build strength or recover effectively from injury and surgery. Bleed proof and non-oily formula helps keep the skin clean without sticking to the skin. Won’t stain, fragment, or separate for repeated, long-term use. For pinching, gripping, and twisting exercises. Sizes range from 56.7g to 2.3kg for personal or professional use. Latex-free and non-toxic composition is safe for anyone with latex sensitivities or allergies. 


Rolyan Bands

Easy convenient packs and ideal to provide for patient’s. High quality exercise bands at great low prices! Progressive Colour scheme 


is easy to remember without charts. Great for home or  clinic use. Individually packed Rolyan resistive exercise bands in 1.2m lengths.



Clinically proven to increase blood circulation, STEPIT, simulates the movements of walking. A foldaway pedal that is easy to carry around. 


Designed for use anywhere and suitable in clinic, club or the home environment. 



Beurer Mini Massager 

Relax and unwind with this MG16 mini massager from Beurer. With its modern and user-friendly design, the MG16 offers an effective 


massage by vibrating. It even comes with three  interchangeable light-up massage heads. This mini massager is ideal for relieving aches and pains in your neck, arms, legs or back.


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