Incontinence Care

Incontinence is a real concern for many of our customers. We are here to advise and help you find the best solution to a variety of incontinence issues.  We supply a whole range of washable and disposable products for everyday and for overnight, bed and chair protectors, male and female urinals, bed pans etc.

We also keep in stock vinyl and latex gloves, disposable aprons, care wipes, overshoes.

Some helpful information about incontinence can be found in our Information and Advice section of the website

Disposable Continence Care

Tena Range 

Many of our customers prefer the quality of the Tena range of products and we have chosen to make this our main brand to keep in stock at all times.

The pull up disposable pants can be purchased in various sizes and absorbencies, some choose the plus for daytime and maxi at night.

Tena comfort (pads) are available in extra or maxi absorbency and we also stock the tena comfort mini in extra and super absorbencies.  The larger Tena comfort pads are best kept in place using Tena fix stretchy pants which we stock in all sizes. Tena for Men is a specially shaped pad for men which we stock in the level 3 absorbency.

For those needing an all-in-one style of pad, you will find Tena slip in a choice of two sizes and two absorbencies. 

Lille Range

Lille disposable bed pads are great value offering softness and absorbency.  Again, we have many customers buying these on a regular basis and therefore commit to keeping three varieties in stock.

Lille bed pads 60 x 90 extra absorbency

Lille bed pads 60 x 90 maxi absorbency

Lille chair pads 60 x 60 super absorbency


Washable Continence Care

Washable bed and chair pads

We stock the Vida range and Senset range of washable bed pads, in 2lt or 3lt absorbency, with or without tucks.

Chair pads of various colours are also available.

Aids for Carers 

This includes a range of vinyl and latex gloves, disposable aprons, care wipes, cleansing foam and wet wipes.

Disposable Gloves

Vinyl gloves – various sizes

Latex gloves – various sizes


Disposable Apron Roll

Care Wipes 

Dry Wipes

Wet Wipes


Cleansing Foam

Sanitising Gel

Hand Wipes

Hair Washing

Shampoo Basin

Hair Washing Tray

Shampoo Caps

Disposable Overshoes

Commode Liners 

Bed Pans and Urinals

Various male and female urinals

Slipper pan and larger Fracture Pan

Bidet Bowl


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