Rutland Adjustable Trolley

The Rutland is a robust trolley which assists the user to easily carry items around the home. It contains tough clip on/off trays which are 


easy to clean and suitable for thermal decontamination. Very robust, all welded steel frame.  Two angled sides provide safe handgrips.  Tough clip on/off trays are plastic injection moulded.  Bottom tray is set forward for ease of walking / dining. 


Handy Trolley

The Handy Trolley is ideal for users with restricted mobility or weak grip, providing assistance in and around the home, allowing 


users to transport items from room to room. The  trolley is plastic coated for durability. Robust steel, plastic coated for durability & cleaning.  Height adjustable using e-clips.  Tool free assembly and disassembly for ease of storage. Adjusts in height by e-clips to suit user requirements. 


Handy Trolley With Breaks

The Handy Trolley with brakes provides a sturdy and robust walking aid for use within the home, enabling users to transport items 


from room to room. Arthritic friendly looped brakes.  Robust steel, plastic coated for durability & cleaning.  Two plastic trays are heat resistant and removable.  Top tray can easily be used to eat. 


Duo Walking Trolley

Make life easier with the Duo 200 Walking Trolley, designed to carry items for you and support you whilst you walk. Made from robust 


steel with easy to manoeuvre castors, the height adjustable frame has unique dual action sliders, which have a curved nylon base. This allows free movement when the trolley is pushed forward, whilst the gripped section creates stability and prevents the trolley from moving if you put your weight through the frame, eliminating the need for hand brakes. With space for a plate and a drink on the top tray, the trolley can help you to transfer your meals and snacks from the kitchen to somewhere you can sit and eat comfortably. This product has been designed in conjunction with Occupational Therapists and physiotherapists. Available in two colours: turquoise blue and pebble grey. Some easy, tool free, assembly is required.


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