Sock and Shoe Aids


Soxon Sock/Stocking Aid

The Soxon makes dressing easy one hand or two. Our Soxon is made with hypo allergenic fabric.Its great to wick away excess moisture 


too. Washable. No need to bend over. 



Foxy Sock Aid

Put on your socks using one hand or two.  Latex free and no maintenance wipe clean.  Take it with you on your travels, fits neatly in your





Ezy-On Tall Sock Aid 

Putting on compression stockings can be a challenge, especially if you have reduced strength or flexibility, even with help. 


This Ezy-On Tall Sock Aid gives you the confidence to get dressed post-surgery, sitting, standing or lying. Tall handles reduce bending and make it easier for a carer to help. Use with above and below knee compression hosiery. Chunky foam handles are easy to hold; non-slip grip feet too.



Shoe Helper 

Truly the most independent dressing aid of its kind. It has a reacher/grabber and extra long shoe horn all in one. Non slip grip – even 


with you pick up a blouse or the newspaper. Stop stepping on the back of them shoes! Keep your footwear tip top. Take the strain out of bending and reaching. The hooked trigger is great for pulling up socks or putting on your coat/jumper. Don’t worry about bending down – you can attach your reacher/grabber to your walking stick or walker with the stick clip.



Long Handled Shoe Horn 

If you need some help getting your shoes on and a conventional shoe horn is just too short, then this longer model should do the


trick. 53 cm (21″ approx).  Featuring an extended handle which curves comfortably in the hand.  Smooth shoe horn blade is gentle against the skin.  Curved end can be used to help with dressing too. 



Extra Long Metal Shoe Horn

Hand polished finish – no sharp edges against delicate skin.  Curved handle – another hand for dressing too. 



Good Grips Shoe Horn

This shoehorn offers an extended reach and a secure, cushioned grip. The built-up handle is made of a latex free, rubber-like material 


and features flexible ribbing that adapts to any grip. This handle is so unique, it carries a U.S. Patent. People who have limited mobility and difficulty bending over will appreciate the extra-long design. Available in 3 different lengths. The textured surface prevents the foot from sticking to the shoehorn, helping it slide easily into the shoe. Handle diameter is 38mm (1.5″).


Shoe Horn With Spring

This luxury, chromed metal long handled shoe horn is an invaluable aid for those with limited reach or flexibility. The shoehorn blade is 


mounted on a spring making it far easier to place into the shoe. The handle is covered with padded leather for easier gripping. The long handle gives excellent reach and makes this product ideal for those with limited mobility.



Plastic Shoe Horn With Hook 

Hooked handle offers a comfortable hold for fingers and may be used to pull up socks or aid dressing. Measures 410mm (16.25″).



Elastic Shoe Laces

Elastic laces that stay tied, in place and allow you to easily slip your shoe on and off. Laces are 69cm (27″) long. 



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