Grab Rails


Atlantis Moulded Fluted Grab Rails

This cost effective range of plastic grab rails have circular fixing plates supplied with a covering disc. The disc is clipped over 


the attachment screws, creating a fully insulated  handle or rail. The range consists of four rails, which are useful for the bathroom, corridors and stairways. The rails are fluted to provide better grip for wet hands. Diameter of tubes 35mm, Distance from wall 75mm, Disc diameter 80mm. These rails are measured from the maximum end of the tube on each side (not including the disc). Available in 4 sizes. 



Wood Effect Fluted Grab Rail

At first glance you would struggle to believe that these rails are not made from real wood! Our wood-like grab rails give the look and warm


feel of timber, but without the ongoing maintenance costs associated with it. The rails are a fluted plastic surface for a secure grip with zinc alloy fittings finished in silver. They are fade and corrosion resistant making them perfect for use indoors or outdoors. The fixings are concealed under the twist lock cover. Screws and fixing are not included. These rails are available in 3 sizes: 305mm (12 inches), 457mm (18 inches) and 610mm (24 inches).



Outdoor Grab Bar

This 18” Outdoor Grab Bar is manufactured from tough, high quality plastic and provides users with assistance when entering or 


exiting their homes, offering increased stability for those  who are unsteady on their feet. Ideal for placing outside of front/back doors.  Subtle colour for discreet positioning on brickwork.  Unique anti-slip ridges for increased grip.  Robust, hidden aluminium core.  Fully weather resistant, non-rusting.  Easy to fit – can be fixed at any angle. Max load: 160kg (25st). 



Rose Flanged Grab Rails 

Provides assistance with standing up/sitting down and offers additional support when walking around the home. Suitable 


for indoor and outdoor use.  Available in 4 different lengths.  Provides assistance with standing up.  2.5cm (1”) thick steel grab rail. 



Chrome Grab Rails

Use these excellent value grab rails to help with rising and to provide support when moving around. Available with round ended bases 


made from chrome plated steel. Offers sturdy extra  support.  Chrome plated.  External and internal use.  Available in 5 different lengths. 



Flat End Grab Rails

Used indoor and outdoor, rail provides additional support for walking around the home and helps with sitting/standing. Used 


indoor and outdoor. 2.5cm (1”) steel grab rail Available as straight rail or offset.  Has a hand clearance of 5cm.




Suction Cup Grab Bars

Quickly and easily installed on tiled / marble surfaces without tools.  Extremely portable and can be used on a shower wall, in the bath, as 


a temporary towel bar, near a chair / stairwell for assistance when standing or climbing stairs. Also available non adjustable for single handed use. Extremely portable.  Length adjustable models available.  Quickly and easily installed.



Suction Cup 12″ Grab Bar

Installs and is removable without tools or professional installation. Will not damage property.  Large suction cups provide an


extremely strong hold.  Extremely strong hold. 



Suction Cup 12″ Grab Bar With Indicator 

With large, powerful suction cups, which provide an extremely strong hold, and quick release levers, this grab bar can be removed  [/expand]

quickly without marking or damaging property. The 12″. Suction Cup Grab Bar can be easily installed and removed without the need of tools or professional installation. Will not damage property.  Extremely strong hold.  “Safe secure” indicator. 




Homecraft Moulded Fluted Grab Rails

This cost effective range of plastic grab rails is made from white PVC tubes with moulded end fittings. They have circular fixing plates  [/expand]

which have a covering disc supplied that clips into  place, hiding the screw heads. The tubes are fluted along their length to provide better grip for wet hands. 




Homecraft Polished Stainless Steel Grab Rails

This stylish range of grab rails has been designed to offer additional support in the bathroom area or around the home whilst  [/expand]

blending into a modern decor. The rails are both durable and rust resistant due to the stainless steel construction and the high quality finish provides a modern loop to compliment the bathroom environment. Available in either a brushed or polished finish.




Trombone Hinged Support Rails

Useful where space is limited, as they fold up when not in use or for access/wheelchair transfers.  Wall-mounted behind toilet [/expand]

or in shower, they assist with sitting down/standing up.  Tested up to 19 stone (120kgs).  Made from robust mild steel, 3.5cm (1.4”) in diameter, and coated with white epoxy powder for durability.  Simple lift and drop folding mechanism with minimal lateral movement – locks securely into position when folded up.



Atlantis Bath Tub Grab Bar 

Bathtub grab bar with hand-holds for added security. Clamp can be adjusted from 76-177mm (3-7″), overall height 495mm 19.5″ height  [/expand]

above the tub 374mm (14.75″). Not for use in lipped style bath tubs.





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