Bathing Accessories


Atlantis Cast Protector

These comfortable waterproof protectors simply slip over the cast or dressing on either the lower leg or arm to protect them 


when taking a bath or shower. The cast protectors  are re-usable and are intended for single patient use only. Not suitable for use with open or undressed wounds or when swimming. Available for legs, arms, ankles and hands in short/long sizes. 



Atlantis Bath Pillow

Soft cushioned croydelle material provides comfort and support. It is easy to clean and machine washable. Suction cups grip 


to bath for firm support. Size: 51 x 38 x 5cm (20 x 15  x 2″).



Atlantis Long Handle Toe Washer

This long handled toe washer has an extra long bendable stem with an easy grip built up plastic handle It is ideal for those who 


struggle to bend down. It is a flat wire frame covered in  a white towelling pad for washing between the toes. The long bendable handle makes this clever little product ideal for those who suffer from restricted or painful movement. Length 71 cm. Two pads are included.



Atlantis Long Bendable Handled Sheepskin Pad

This luxury double thickness sheepskin pad is an ideal aid for those with limited movement. Suitable for washing, powdering or 


pampering. It has a plastic built up handgrip for an easy and secure grip and is mounted on a long plastic coated wire that can be bent to any angle required ensuring the user can get even the most awkward area with ease. Pad size: 95mm x 125mm (3.75″ x 5″). Length: 610mm (24″).



Atlantis Flannel Strap

Our Flannel Strap is ideal for someone with limited flexibility to wash their back or those other difficult to reach areas, such as the 


soles of the feet. One side is made of soft terry cotton and provides a very comfortable and convenient way to wash. On the reverse side of the strap is a coarser foam material, which can be used to tone and exfoliate. The handles are made from there clear plastic handle, and are easy to grip. The matching hand mitt is also double sided, with a soft terry cotton on one side for those delicate areas and a coarser side for a more invigorating clean. Strap length: 80cm (31.5″), length including handles: 94cm (37″), Width: 10cm (4″). 



Atlantis Safe Discs 

Our safety treads help to prevent slipping in a bath or shower. They are self adhesive, easy to apply and available as strips (20 x 


200mm each) or as discs. Please Note: The surface you are applying the stickers to, must first be cleaned with an alcohol based cleaner, to ensure no residue is left, creating a good adhesive bond between disc and surface. Using any cream cleaners will leave a powder residue, which will contaminate the adhesive and cause it to fail.



Atlantis Deluxe Inflatable Shampoo Ring 

Finally, a solution for washing hair in bed. Properly position the head and shoulders for shampooing with these 


shampoo basins. The Deluxe Basin has a double-tube  design that prevents water from splilling. Includes a 1190mm (47″) drain hose. Made of durable vinyl for years of use. The Deluxe basin measures 710 x 610 x 150mm (28 x 24 x 6″).



StayPut Anti-Slip Bath/Shower Mat

The StayPut bath and shower mats mats are soft, comfortable, free draining, and now manufactured in the unique PER® material 


combined with an anti-microbial ‘Silver’ additive which actively inhibits mould and bacterial growth. With added strong grip suckers in a new configuration, they have successfully completed Slip Resistance testing by Independent Laboratories to Level 1 of the BS Standard BS8445:2012.Easy to clean machine washable at 40°C and allow to dry naturally. It even has an integrated hanging loop.

The shower mat is not considered suitable for showers with an uneven non slip surface, or where the surface has raised contours, as the suckers may not be able to fully adhere to the surface and that could cause the mat to slip and cause injury.


StayPut Anti-Slip Wet Room Matting

The introduction of more wetrooms, walk in showers, and hot tubs, has left many people with the problem of finding a slip resistant bath 


or shower mat that will be big enough to cover the large area. If the shower or wet room has a non slip surface already in place, a bath mat with suckers will not stick to the uneven floor or non slip surface, so here’s a good alternative. The NEW ECO PER® Antimicrobial slip resistant Wetroom matting is made of the same soft, lightly textured, ridged PVC foam as the StayPut bath & shower mats, but can be cut to fit the floor area that you need. Silver technology is now being widely used as an additive in the manufacturing of materials, for its antimicrobial qualities. The Isagi Wetroom matting has been manufactured using this silver technology throughout the material, not just as a surface treatment, to inhibit growth of bacteria or mould. Free draining and easy to cut and lay, the matting has been made from PER® (Polymer Environmental Resin) which is OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Non Toxic (contains no heavy metals, Phenols or Phthalates), and is rubber and latex free. Both the mat and suckers are manufactured from the unique PER® material combined with an antimicrobial Silver additive which actively inhibits mould and bacterial growth. Soft and Comfortable. Tough and durable. Excellent drainage and quick drying. Easy to cut and lay. Non-allergenic Rubber and Latex free. Machine washable at 40° degrees. Oeko-Tex® Level 1 – Oeko-Tex® standard 100 is based upon the principle that babies and toddlers need special protection, therefore Class I: for baby articles is the highest level. StayPut Performance fabrics have been tested according to Oeko-Tex 100, this certifies that they contain no hazards to health, skin or the environment. Toxin and Heavy Metal free. Contains no phenols or phthalates. Available in two sizes. 



Bath Mat Long

These Rubbergrip Bath Mats have a ribbed surface and suction cups for added slip resistance. The mats are self draining and fully machine 


washable. The mats are available in white only and  in three sizes.



Foot Cleaner With Pumice 

Ideal for washing your feet without the need to bend forward. Can be used in a bath or shower by attaching the suction cups. Use the 


pumice to gently exfoliate and smooth your feet.



Shampoo Cap

Our shampoo caps washes, condition and rinse hair in one simple step, leaving the hair smelling fresh, towel dry and ready for styling. 


Can be warmed in the microwave or used cool. One  cap per pack.



Derby Tap Turners 

Fits crosshead and crystal taps, making them easier to turn. Hard Wearing – Easily fitted and providing outstanding grip with no 


tools required. Modern Design – An innovative design to make the operation of taps easier. These are durable and multifunctional devices to help users with weak hand strength to operate taps. The design makes the operation of taps easier. The handle has a rubber moulding to give a firm and controllable grip. The Derby Tap Turner is made of plastic, and is therefore rust proof and always warm to the touch. The Derby Tap Turners have colour coded handles to clearly identify hot and cold taps. The Derby Tap Turner is an economical alternative to replacing taps. They are easily and quickly fixed to most crosshead and crystal taps without the use of any tools. An internal rubber coating ensures an effective grip with smooth operation and with protection for the tap. The Derby Tap Turners are sold in packs of two, one cold (blue handle) and one hot (red handle). The width capacity for the tap turner is 60mm diameter.


Inflatable Bath Cushion

This inflatable bath cushion provides more comfort whilst bathing. It has suckers to prevent movement when in place. 


Size when inflated is approximately 48 x 48cm. 



Adjustable Bath Step 

Our aluminium bath step is ideal to assist getting in and out of the bath. It is height adjustable and comes complete with non slip feet.


Footprint: 410 x 230mm; Height: 205-260mm.


Reach For me Lotion Applicator

The Reach For Me is the easy new way to apply moisturiser, medical lotions, sun cream, self tan& in fact, anything you wish& onto the 


most difficult to reach areas of your back, shoulder, legs  and feet. Just 7 inches when folded but instantly extends to a very useful 22 inches in a unique curved arc. It includes 5 practical snap on attachments (cream/lotion pad, exfoliator pad, tan pad, mirror attachment and back scratcher pad), plus a handy storage/carry pouch so you’ll never be without it.


Wet Wash Glove

The hygienic”! Wet Wash Glove is alcohol free, contains no soap, and requires no rinsing. Ideal for patients with sensitive skin 


as well as for bedridden, incontinent and/or  dependent patients. It is ready to use single-use, two-sided, pre-moistened, non-woven, rinse-free glove saturated with a protective washing lotion that is dermatologically tested to be free of known allergens.



Portable Bath Step

Modular step that makes stepping in and out of bath easy and safe.  Single step used on its own gives raise of 10cm (4”). Multiple steps 


(sold separately) can be stacked on top of each other to give height increments of 5cm (2”) to suit different user/bath requirements.  Built-in, attractive, padded surface is comfortable and slip-resistant for safety.  Four circular plugs on upper surface of step are easily removed to allow another step to be inserted into them for secure locking when stacked.  Non-slip feet provide stability on different flooring.  All surfaces are easy to wipe clean. 



Langham Portable Bath Step 

Height adjustable bath step to facilitate stepping in and out of bath. Modular height adjustment, allowing extra sections to be added or 


removed as required for optimal flexibility. Step is  supplied with four sections that can be stacked securely on top of each other in increments of 2.5cm (1”) to suit bath/user requirements If additional step is bought, a maximum step height of 20cm (8”) can be achieved.  Bottom section has four rubber, slip-reducing feet for secure positioning.  Surface of each section is slightly textured to give a slip-resistant surface.



Shower Head Holder

This suction cup shower head holder enables users to position the shower head to suit their own individual requirements. Quick and 


easy installation without tools.  Sturdy suction pad  attaches to any tiled surfaces in seconds.  Swivel arm manoeuvres the shower head into correct position.  Small and portable; ideal to take when travelling. 



The Foot Scrub Brush With Sponge

Enjoy having a wash but can’t reach them difficult areas? Then this is the perfect sponge for you! The soft scrubbing bristles are


perfect for exfoliating and help to remove dead skin  while the sponge can be used to deep clean your feet. With a bendy handle ensuring easy washing,  you can reach all them hard to get to areas without having to bend or over stretch. Perfect to use with lotions and other cleaning products. Helping to keep your feet clean as well as the tops of your feet and ankles. You can use the hole at the end to hang it up to store so it’s always at hand when you’re in the bathroom. The overall length of the sponge is 52cm/21″.


Comfi-Grip Exfoliator Sponge 

Bad back, stiff joints or a mum to be, if you want a good scrub, but just can’t reach, these are for you! The supportive grip allows for 


comfort and ease when bathing, and the loofah ensures an even better scrub!


Comfi-Grip Deluxe Sponge

Bad back, stiff joints or a mum to be, if you want a good scrub, but just can’t reach, these are for you! The supportive grip allows for 


comfort and ease when bathing.


Everyday Sponge

The handle on this basic bathing sponge can bend to help reach them difficult areas. Allowing you to be independent when bathing.


The overall length is 53cm (21″).


Comfi-Grip Toe-Foot Sponge

If washing between your toes is a problem, this could well be the answer. The long handle eliminates the need to bend; the sponge has 


been shaped to get where others just cannot. The new  supportive grip allows for comfort and ease.



Foot Scrub Brush With Pumice 

Overall length 52cm 21″, extend your reach without bending or stretching. The handle can be bent to help reach difficult to clean areas, 


and enables a firm yet gentle grip for wet or dry hands.  Pumice on one side, for removing hard dry skin. Brush on the other side for a deep clean of hard to reach feet.



Homecraft Extra Long Bath Mat

The Everyday mat is a practical solution to bathing security. The basket weave surface reduces the risk of slipping whilst standing or 


sitting. The mat has excellent grip due to the  large number of suckers and the high-grade rubber material. Multiple drainage holes allow water to drain off the surface quickly. Four different sizes allow you to select the correct size of mat for your bath or shower to ensure adequate surface coverage.



Homecraft Dual Function Lotion and Cream Applicator 

Apply cream and massage skin at the same time with this long handled applicator. Simply remove the top of the applicator and fill with the 


desired cream or lotion. The rotating balls ensure even  distribution and a pleasant massage. Alternatively, the interchangeable foam head can be used to apply thicker creams directly onto the skin. The foam head should be cleaned in hot, soapy water. All other parts are dishwasher safe. Handle length 350mm (13¾”). Weight 150g.



Homecraft Inflatable Bath Cushion

This inflatable cushion gives additional comfort and support when bathing. Four sucker feet on the underside secure it to the bath to 


prevent movement. Size when inflated 432x432mm (17×17″). Weight 210g.



Homecraft Bath Pillow

Inflatable pillow that improves the bathing experience. The PVC pillow is easily inflated to the desired firmness and is 


covered in a white terry cloth for comfort. Four  suction feet on the back of the pillow ensure it remains in the correct position on the bath. Width 533mm (21″). Length 400mm (15¾”). Weight 200g.



Homecraft Long Handled Net Sponge

Begin and end a shower or bath with this Long Handled Net Sponge for a luxurious experience. The long, curved handle easily reaches places 


that are normally difficult for those with arthritis or a  limited range of motion. It is lightweight and easy to use, reducing stress of showers and increasing the individual’s independence. The netting is an alternative to a brush or sponge. It cleans while it exfoliates. An added bonus, the net will hold the soapy lather longer providing a longer lasting experience. The loop at the end of the handle provides an easy solution to hanging the body washer to dry after each use and you’ll remember exactly where you left it. A shower time must for both men and women.



Homecraft Hair Washing Tray For Sink

A plastic tray, shaped to fit behind the neck and attached with a hook and loop strap. Enables hair to be washed by a helper over a 


sink or bath with no spillage. Width 214mm (8½”). Depth 50mm (2″). Weight 175g.




Homecraft Soft-Feel Bath and Shower Mats

The soft-feel non-slip bath mats are especially designed for extra comfort. The waterproof foam material gives you the combination of 


safety and comfort you’ve been looking for. The non- latex material also allows additional choice for allergy sufferers.



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