Sandpiper Men’s Sandals



A great tough sandal, with a lightweight and soft construction that gives you a sporty look, with a great fit for extra wide, active feet. 


The durable sole and the cushioned footbed mean these will soon become favourites all year round – outside in the summer, and indoors in the winter! Ultra wide 6E fitting. Triple strap touch fastening.  Extra long straps for maximum adjustment. Padded protection for sensitive feet.  Lightweight design.  Soft leather upper.  Durable, flexible sole.  Ultra Wide 6E Fitting. Available in 1 colour: Brown. 



An ingenious ultra wide shoe with an opening front. When the touch fastening strips at the sides are released the entire front of 


the shoe folds forward with no tongue to allow easy access for the foot. Soft leather and flexible construction with leather lining and cushioned anatomic insole. Extra wide 4E-6E fitting. Touch fastening.  Soft leather upper.  Leather lining.  Underfoot support.  Flexible construction.  Non-slip sole.  Cushioned anatomic insole.  Extra Wide 4E-6E Fitting. Available in 1 colour: Brown. 


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