Cosyfeet Men’s Boots



A smart, sturdy comfortable boot that’s easy to get on. This soft and comfy Leather boot is very roomy and supportive. With a deep toe 


area, and stitching that can’t be felt from the inside, it’s ideal if you have a hammer toe or bunion. The split collar and wide opening make it easy to get on and off swollen feet and ankles. Touch-fastening strap adjusts to fit a range of swelling.  Seam-free at the front so great for sensitive toes.  Shock-absorbing footbed with ‘air flow’ system for enhanced comfort.  Footbed can be removed to provide extra depth – ideal for orthotics.  Lightweight, hardwearing sole offers good grip.  Strap extensions are available for especially swollen feet. Available in 2 colours: Black and Oxblood. 


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