Hospital Style Mattresses


Entry Level Castellated Mattress MAT10

Patients at risk of developing pressure ulcers require a support surface that reduces interface pressures. The MAT 10 is an


entry level support surface intended for those at risk of developing pressure ulcers. Zonal castellation’s assist with pressure redistribution over bony prominences.  It has an anti microbial coating. Maximum user weight is 29.5 stone. 


High Risk Castellated Pressure Mattress MAT20

Redistributing pressure reduces skin breakdown and provides comfort for the patient. Foam support surfaces assist with the 


reduction of pressure ulcer incidences. The MAT 20 is a general purpose replacement mattress, delivering pressure redistribution to patients at high risk of developing pressure ulcers. Zonal castellation’s improve redistribution and the cover is vapour permeable, waterproof & multi-stretch.  It has an anti microbial coating. Maximum user weight is 31.5 stone.


High Risk Visco Elastic Foam Trinity Plus

Suitable for users who are considered to be up to a very high risk of pressure ulcer development. The mattress comprises of unique


contoured “keyhole cut” visco elastic foam which conforms to a person’s unique body shape, weight and temperature offering unparalleled comfort and support alongside excellent pressure distribution. A reinforced CMHR foam base offers stability and support, preventing the mattress bottoming out and improving longevity. The 2-way stretch, waterproof and vapour permeable cover promotes comfort and has a fully concealed zip which reduces the possibility of fluid ingress thus aiding Infection Control protocol.


Memaflex Mattress

Minimising peak pressure increases patient comfort and reduces the risk of pressure ulcers. Castellated visco-elastic foam delivers a 


high degree of pressure reduction as it conforms to the shape of the body. Smaller castellation’s at the heel and shoulders improve redistribution of pressure over bony prominences.

The Memaflex high density visco-elastic support surface offers zonal pressure redistribution to reduce peak pressure. Welded seams and a covered zip reduces the risk of fluid ingress.


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