Pillows and Comfort


Harley Batwing Pillow

Supreme comfort and stability.  Specially shaped into three sections to hold you snugly. The lumbar section gently supports your 


back. Side sections give fantastic lateral support. Use  in bed or your favourite chair. Comfy fibre filling. Fitted pillowcase available. Pillow case available in white, blue and pink. Size: 78 (span) x 70 (H) cm (30¾x27½”). 


Harley V Pillow

Supremely comfortable and provides excellent shoulder and neck support whilst relaxing either in bed or the chair. Comfy fibre filling. 


Fitted pillowcase available in white, blue and pink. Size:  85 (span) x 60 (H) cm (33½x23½”). 


Harley Knee Support Pillow

This simple but effective knee pillow helps maintain correct posture whilst sleeping. Designed to reduce pressure on both the hips 


and knees which should ease pain and general discomfort. Supplied with a removable, washable cover with an adjustable velcro securing strap. Spare cover available. 


Harley Bed Relaxer

Support and comfort whilst sitting or sleeping in bed. For those who find it uncomfortable to sleep lying flat, perhaps due to hiatus 


hernia or respiratory conditions, just turn it  around and place under a normal pillow. Washable polyester fleece/velour cover. Size: 46x56x19>3cm. Available with blue and pink. 


Bed Back Rest

Powder coated strong frame covered in breathable nylon fabric with pillow. Adjustable in height. Maximum user weight: 18 




Harley Leg Raiser

Made to an ergonomically beneficial angle. Designed to support the back of the knee and heel whilst allowing the calf to relax. Takes pressure 


from the lower back and stimulates circulation. Back pain is relieved and symptoms of oedema, varicose veins and fatigue are greatly eased. Cover available in blue and pink. Washable polyester fleece/velour cover – Size: 46x63x17x12cm.



Vida Washable Chair Pad

This lightweight machine washable and reusable chair pad contains five layers of material that quickly absorbs and locks liquid 


inside. The top layer keeps the user dry and the lower  layer is waterproof to protect the furniture. Measures 50 x 60cm and absorbs 1 litre. Four colours available: Blue, Brown, Pink and Wine. 


Harley Mattress Tilter

A really versatile simple product. Placed under an existing mattress to give a 5″ tilt. Place at the foot of the bed to relieve symptoms of 


oedema, varicose veins, low back pain and general  fatigue. Use at the head of the bed to alleviate hiatus hernia and respiratory difficulties. Washable polyester fleece/velour cover. Size: 46x63x13>2cm. Available in cream, blue and pink.


Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Designed to be used on top of your existing mattress. Aches, pains and joint stiffness eased. Moulds to the individuals body 


providing even pressure distribution. 100%.  Top quality, high grade, visco elastic memory foam. Supplied without cover, foam only. Suitable for patients in medium / high risk categories (with appropriate nursing care). Available in 4 sizes: Single, Double, King and Super King. 


Bedding Protection Drawsheet V2

Bedding protection is a durable waterproof bedding protection. The bedding protection is 100% PVC treated with an antibacterial 


and antifungal agent. It is latex free and available in  white. Dimension: 90cm x 150cm. 


Apex Bed Wedge

The Apex bed wedge is a foam filled wedge that provides upright or reclining support and positioning. The Apex bed wedge is made 


of polyurethane foam and covered in a vapour permeable wipe clean fabric zipper cover. Dimensions (L x W x D): 56cm x 56cm x 23cm.


Bedding Protection Pillow Case V11

Bedding protection is a durable waterproof bedding protection. The bedding protection is 100% PVC treated with an antibacterial 


and antifungal agent. It is flame retardant, latex free and is available in white. Dimension: 48cm x 73.6cm. 


Velour Chair Pad

The velour chairpads are ideal for use to provide protection for your chairs. The velour chair pads use a unique brushed material 


which is designed to improve resident comfort and durability. Available in 4 colours: Blue, Brown, Green and Maroon. Absorbency: 1000ml. Dimension: 53cm x 58cm. 


Knee Pillow Adjustable Strap

Can be used in a multitude of ways including as an abduction knee wedge, to separate knees and prevent hip abduction (following hip 


arthroplasty). Ideal for post surgery wheelchair users.  Helps joints, knee issues, hip problems and the lower back. Helps maintain good posture while you sleep. Includes adjustable Velcro fixing strap to keep the support in place whilst sleeping. This knee pillow has been manufactured for well over 35 years and is designed to reduce discomfort in the knees and hips via pressure redistribution by spacing the legs wider apart.  Our knee pillows are also recommended by doctors for treatment of coccyx pain / coccydynia, sciatica pain, housemaids knee (bursitis) and Osgood – Schlatters disease. Available in standard and memory foam. Comes with removable, zipped cover (pictured) which includes velcro adjustable strap to hold product in place during sleep. As recommended and used by the NHS. Size : 23cm x 15cm x 9.5cm. 


Bed Wedge

The Putnams Bed wedge can be used for many different medical conditions including Acid Reflux and Heartburn. The Adult Bed 


Wedge can be used in many ways, such as placing it  under your pillow to sleep in a raised comfortable position.  The Putnams bed wedge helps keep you upright and comfortable at the same time. It can also be used as a back support in bed, or can be placed at the bottom of the bed to raise and support your legs. This provides relief from varicose veins, swollen ankles, phlebitis and oedema. It is ideal for post-surgery. Also available in memory foam. All our bed wedges come with a white zipped, removable, poly-cotton cover as standard.


Trinity Plus Mattress Topper

Suitable for users who are considered to be up to a high risk of pressure ulcer development. The Trinity Plus overlay comprises of 


unique contoured “keyhole cut” visco elastic foam which conforms to a person’s unique body shape, weight and temperature offering unparalleled comfort and support alongside excellent pressure distribution. It features a 2-way stretch, waterproof, vapour permeable PU cover. It also features a concealed zip and a non-turn mattress overlay. Maximum user weight: 21 stone. 


Carefree Premier Heel

Suitable for users who are considered to be up to a very high risk of pressure ulcer development. The mattress comprises of a “narrow 


keyhole cut” insert which conforms to the users  unique body shape and a visco elastic sloped heel area to provide the best possible pressure reduction, together with offering excellent patient comfort. It features U core base and side walls, a welded cover, a heel zone, a non-turn mattress and a concealed zip. It also has a 4-way stretch, waterproof, vapour permeable PU cover. Maximum user weight: 39 stone. 


Ultra-Cline Rise Recliner Cushion

These pressure reducing cushions provide added comfort and postural support to existing chair cushions. The 2-way stretch, 


waterproof and vapour permeable cover assists  infection control and the visco elastic foam provides comfort. The Ultra-Cline is lightweight and features a securing strap system, preventing the cushion from slipping and therefore reducing the risk of pressure ulceration due to forward sliding. The cushions are supplied as part of a three piece set to include a lumbar, seat and leg cushion or individually. The lumbar and leg cushion cannot be used without the seat cushion however the seat cushion can be used individually. Maximum user weight: 25 stone. 


Bed Backrest

A quality, quick and simple way to support users in a seated position in bed for eating, reading or watching TV. This bed back rest is 


lightweight and easy to install. It is angle adjustable in five different positions.  It is flat-folding for easy storage and transportation. It incorporates pillow for additional comfort. Maximum user weight: 19 stone. 


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