Back & Pressure Care

There are many solutions to be found in the shop to back and pressure conditions.  We stock a huge variety enabling our customers to find the best one to suit their particular needs. We have a whole range of back and pressure care cushions for use in home or in the car.

Back Supports

We keep in stock a variety of back supports, some with stays for added support

The Neo G VCS® back support without stays is ideal for central backache and / or pain radiating as far as lower back and the buttocks. It is designed to help reduce unwanted twisting movements and is ideal for people with a manual occupation or sport where lifting may be involved. Made from neoprene which provides warmth and compression and aids the recovery process. Universal size. Neo G waist and back support

Back Care Cushions

More details to follow

Pressure Cushions

Choose from a vast range of cushions from those suitable for those with low risk of pressure problems, medium risk or high risk. We also have a range of cushions suitable for those at very high risk of pressure problems.They are available in various sizes for use in chairs, wheelchairs, and cars.

Ultimate Healthcare Viscotex + cushion

Available in various sizes this cushion is ideal for those with high/very high risk of pressure problems. It comes with a black, breathable but waterproof cover

Ultimate Healthcare ViscoFlex + cushion


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