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Range of SupaScoota lightweight mobility scootersTHE SUPASCOOTA RANGE

The SupaScoota range is excellent if you’re looking for scooters that can be taken in a car, train, aeroplane or on board cruise ships. They are designed to provide you with more freedom and make regular journeys a real pleasure.All models are designed to provide you with greater control. The electronic stability function slows the scooter when turning a corner and the anti-tip wheels provide added peace of mind when driving on flat pavement, uneven terrain or on an incline.These scooters are equipped to be powered by either an SLA or lithium battery. The simplicity of the SupaScoota means that it can be folded down and ready to transport in under 10 seconds.


The SupaScoota Sprite is a 3-wheel scooter that is perfect for the experienced user. It’s lightweight and boasts an acute turning circle. The Sprite and Sprite+ have practicality, functionality and safety at the forefront of its design.This scooter is compact and lightweight. A perfect companion to be taken onto an aeroplane, train or cruise ship.

Supascooter sprite


The SupaScoota Shopper has a small turning circle and a lightweight frame, meaning it can navigate those shopping aisles with ease. This scooter is ideal for both inexperienced users and people with low core body strength.


supascoota shopper


The SupaScoota Sprint has a longer wheelbase for extra leg room, a suspension seat for added comfort and 2 x 150 Watt motors. The extra battery power on this scooter makes it a wonderful choice for those long days out with family and friends.

Supascoota sprint

The Sport

The SupaScoota Sport is a brilliant lightweight mobility scooter for the person who enjoys spending time outside. Not only does it perform brilliantly on flat terrain but can handle off-pavement use too.The dual motor drive really helps with steeper inclines and long distance travel. It has a turning radius of 94cm, user weight of up to 20 stone, and a speed of up to 4 mph.

supascoota sport

The Sport XL

The SupaScoota Sport XL has a longer wheelbase, a weight capacity of up to 21 stone and twin 180 Watt motors for that extra power.This scooter is a fantastic option when using every day or for those ultimate adventures.

Supascoota sport xl

The Spartan

Supascooter spartan

 Drive Scooters

Drive Envoy 6 Scooter

The Envoy 6 Scooter is an excellent addition to the Drive range of scooters with performance normally associated with much larger machines.Maximum range of 20 miles

  • Fully functioning indicators and mirror
  • All round suspension
  • Powerful 470W motor
  • Stylish silver wheel hubs
  • Delta bars as standard
  • Black pneumatic tyres
  • LED front headlight
  • range of 30 miles*
 Envoy 6 Scooter

Drive Folding Scooter

The Folding Scooter can be easily folded and unfolded by remote control in under 20 seconds providing a quick and easy transport solution for users on the go. Additional safety features such as speed reduction when cornering, an auto stop function and the anti-slip footwell carpet all provide further security to the user for added peace of mind.


 TGA Scooters – information to follow
Pride Scooters – information to follow
Invacare Scooters – information to follow





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