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Carephone Tracker

Small size

The tracker is a small, attractive device that can be clipped onto a set of keys, clothing etc. The device has a large SOS button, when pressed it will send a text message alert with a link to Google Maps showing it’s location, to up to 3 linked mobile phones. The tracker will then also make a call to the linked numbers in succession until a call is picked up. The tracker has a speaker and microphone so can be used just like a phone. You can also send a text at any time, to the tracker to request it’s location discreetly.

The trackers are supplied with a UK Roaming SIM (at no extra cost) which have to be topped up like a pay as you go phone. The trackers will work anywhere in the world but for other countries we would advise a local SIM. 

Variety of Colours

Neat Pouch

The tracker is proving very popular so far, with their main market being assisting families of people with dementia. But it is also very effective for anyone who may be vulnerable, for example: the elderly, children, lone workers, horse riders, runners etc. It really is a great device for giving carers and family members peace of mind and for giving people more freedom getting out and about, who may not be confident to do so alone. It is easy to use and set up, simply using text message commands from a smart phone. 

Some great features of the Tracker:

  • Secure strap

    Full 2 way communication

  • Location request (just send a text to the Tracker from your smartphone and receive a web link to Google Maps with an exact location)
  • Geo Fence Alarm (the tracker will send a text message alert *with location* to your smart phone when it enters or leaves a set area)
  • SOS button
  • Easy to charge

    Listen In (this feature allows you to make a silent call to the tracker, which will answer automatically and allows the caller to listen to what is happening around the tracker) 

  • Roaming SIM
  • Fall Detection Alert
  • Long Battery Life & Low Battery Alert 
  • IP66 – Water and dust proof

Supplied with one year warranty

The tracker is available now in the shop and comes in a choice of four colours.

More New Products to follow soon

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