Bathroom & Toileting Products

Visit the shop to see a full range of products for use in bathroom, shower room and toilet – stools, long handled sponges, raised toilet seats and frames, grab rails, non slip mats to name a few.

Bathroom & Toilet Aids

These include grab bars, bath seats and benches, bath lifts, long handled sponges, shampoo basins and shower stools. To help with toileting, raised toilet seats, frames and commodes, urine bottles and bed pans. We also stock a range of accessories for carers such as vinyl and latex gloves, care wipes and much more.  You will also find a large range of incontinence products both washable and disposable for men and women including bed and chair pads.

Having trouble getting in and out of the bath?  

We have a number of solutions. Choose from a simple bath board to an electric bath lift or talk to us about installing a walk in bath or new accessible shower.

Bellavita Bath Lift

The Bellavita bathlift is the lightest reclining bathlift available. It separates easily and quickly into two sections for ease of removal for cleaning or transportation.

It reclines to a market leading 50 degree angle and goes lower in the bath than any other bathlift for the best bathing experience. It also goes higher than other bathlifts to enable safe, level transfers for those who may have a deeper bath. A built in safety feature prevents the bath lift from lowering without sufficient charge to return it to the top of the bath.

The lightweight hand control is fully waterproof and floatable,has an emergency stop button and is easily charged between uses.

White or blue washable covers provide extra comfort and hygiene but the bath lift can be purchased without these if desired.

We keep a Bellavita bath lift on display in the shop and can order other makes and models of bath lifts.

Bellavita Bathlift

Swivelling Bath Seat

The swivelling bath seat sits across the top of the bath and enables you to rotate your body and legs into the bath.

The backrest and arms offer additional support. The easy to clean seat smoothly rotates by lever, locking every 90 degree interval. Drainage holes prevent water spillage.

Bath Boards

Bath boards or bath benches, as they are sometimes known, fit across the top of the bath to facilitate access in and out of the bath. Many people use them as seats to shower over the bath to save getting lower down into the bath. 

Choose from various styles and shapes, the bath boards adjust to the width of the bath and are easy to fit. 

Helping Hand Company range

The biggest challenges to everyday living can often be the simplest tasks. Getting in and out of the bath can be a balancing act for anyone. The quick and easy to fit Surefoot range delivers comfort and peace of mind. Getting into the bath or sitting up to shower. Create a relaxing bath time: safely, simply and suitable for all bath types apart from corner baths. Click HERE to see brochure

Our SUREFOOT and KINGFISHER range of bath/shower boards and height adjustable bath seats can be used together or as a set. Both Bath/Shower boards are strong enough to support up to 200kg/31 stone and the Bath Seats will support the same weight at all but their highest 12” configuration where we have to reduce the maximum limit down to 160kg/24 stone for extra stability. Click HERE to see brochure
A whole collection to pamper your feet, back and legs in the shower or bath – without bending! These ultimate bathing beauties guarantee you’ll be top to toe sparkling clean. Click HERE to see brochure
Contoured and comfortable, the Unifix seat raiser makes it much easier for anyone to get on or off, whether suffering with painful joints or restricted movement. Slides quickly and securely onto the existing seat or the ceramic with one simple fixing. 3” or 4”raise to suit you. Click HERE to see brochure

Atlantis Range 

Come into the shop to see this range of useful accessories for the bathroom and toilet. 

Raised toilet seats are available in 2″, 4″ and 6″ depths, with or without a lid. Padded toilet seats that strap to the seat can be useful for travel and make a hard seat more comfortable.

Toilet frames provide support getting up and down onto the seat and have non slip rubber ferrules.

Cast and bandage protectors keep wounded areas of the body dry when showering.

A range of shower stools include round, corner and stools with handles, all height adjustable and lightweight.

Grab rails are an important addition to help steady you in the bathroom and shower. Available in various lengths and styles.

Long sponges, lotion applicators, shampoo basins and urinals make up the rest of the products available in this range.

Incontinence Range of Products

Disposable Range
Washable Range

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