Best Sellers

Each month we pick out some best sellers from each of our product categories – (pictures to follow shortly)

Chairs and Beds

Phoenix Jubilee wallhugger

Phoenix Jubilee wallhugger

Jubilee wallhugger – our Jubilee rise and recliner chair continues to be a bestseller. It is now available with either the original Jubilee style back or new ripple back and with a full range of fabrics.

The Single Motor Wallhugger is the ideal solution for those with limited space, as only 4 inches of wall clearance is required. First the footrest rises in to the TV position, and as the back smoothly reclines, the body of the chair automatically moves forward. Also, at the push of a button, the chair rises, in to a walk out position.


Cosyfeet Karen

Cosyfeet Karen

Cosyfeet Karen – ideal if your feet are mis-shapen, sensitive or swollen, these soft and stretchy shoes won’t put pressure on painful toes, joints or swelling. They’re supportive around the heel and the flexible soles are hard-wearing so they’re great for active feet.

Sandpiper Wendy/Walter – A truly versatile slipper for the most difficult or swollen feet.  This style is designed to open out completely flat and can be ‘rolled’ up around the foot to give a snug, secure feel. Suitable for diabetics. Extra wide 4E-6E fitting.

Sandpiper extra wide knee highs –  If you find standard hosiery too tight, or you have sensitive or swollen legs, you need to try our new range of hosiery that has been specially created to give a comfortable fit for the fuller figure.  The special FeatherGripTM design keeps your hosiery in place without restricting circulation or leaving unsightly marks.  These high quality Knee Highs, are manufactured with extra material in the legs and feet to ensure a more comfortable and generous fitting for larger and swollen and have a thicker material to keep you warm in winter.

Leisure, Wellness & Orthopaedic

orange therapy ball

therapy ball

Gel Therapy Balls – Our Gel Balls are colour coded to provide variable resistance training for hands, fingers and forearms. The balls are pleasant to touch and return back to their original shape after each squeeze. Perfect for use in the clinic or at home. There are 5 strengths to choose from: Pink – Extra Strong; Blue – Soft; Green – Medium; Orange – Firm; Black – Extra Firm.


Handybar and swivel cushion set

Handybar/ swivel cushion

Handybar and Swivel cushion -Auto Mobility Solution is a combination pack that contains 1 x Handybar (PR40013) and 1 x Soft Transfer Seat (PR41021). These two products are an ideal combination for assisting in getting in and out of a car seat. Max user weight for the handybar is 25 stone and for the Soft Transfer Seat is 18 stone.

Household Aids

Classic Reacher -Multi-purpose, all the Classic reachers are ideal for picking up everyday items around the home if bending or reaching is difficult. Available in a range of lengths and styles – not forgetting handy travel folding options – you will always have one with you when you need it!

Soxon -If putting on your socks and stocking can be a problem and other handy tools have just not worked then we know you will just love the Soxon.   Supporting the geometry of the foot, this fabric design gently contours the foot as you pull up and round. Particularly for those with fragile skin, the Soxon really does make light work of a tiresome task. Super absorbent bamboo material absorbs the excess moisture our feet can sometimes have, and the unique anti-bacterial properties help keep feet healthy.

Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs

Cobalt powerchair

Cobalt powerchair

Cobalt powerchair -The Cobalt Powerchair is a compact, lightweight and highly transportable chair which is simple and easy to use due to its user friendly programmable controller.




Hw007aqua scooter in aqua %284%29


The HW007 provides maximum driving comfort due to its rear suspension, providing a smooth ride on all terrains. The patented one hand quick release mechanism allows it to be quickly and easily dismantled.



Moving and Handling

Slide Sheet -The Care Shop Blue Tag Slide Sheet eliminates the need for lifting patients completely, allowing for quick and easy transfer. The slide sheet is multi-directional, providing a greater degree of glide which is particularly useful with heavier patients or when only a single carer is present. Complete with instructions, the slide sheet can be washed above 70C.

Stairlifts and Lifts

Brooks Stairlift

Brooks Stairlift

The Brooks Stairlift is our best seller, and has great features that enable to you enjoy your home once more.

Brooks stairlifts are a reliable, safe and comfortable alternative for people who may have difficulties getting up and down their stairs. Brooks stairlifts are simple to operate and do not damage your home as the threads are attached to your stairs and not your wall. As well as these advantages, Brooks stairlifts are not obtrusive to others as they have a slim-line design which enables others to use the stairs as normal.

Walking Aids

Uniscan Triumph

Uniscan Triumph

Uniscan Triumph -This ultimate in 3-Leg walkers is not only lightweight, but has a built-in rest seat, plus it folds and locks together for easy storage.
Features a rest seat, a caddy with cover, walking stick holder and a choice of frame colour.


Wheelchairs and Accessories

Aktiv X2 Transit

Aktiv X2 Transit

The Aktiv X2 is a lightweight durable wheelchair for occasional use.

  • This wheelchair has a lightweight aluminium folding frame and is easy to lift, store and transport.
  • The armrests flip back and can be removed easily as standard and have comfortable polyurethane armrest pads – Interchangeable armrest styles available.
  • The backrest folds down and the leg rests and rear wheels are removable by easy quick release mechanisms; therefore the chair can be quickly and easily disassembled for easy storage in a car boot.
  • This chair has the added benefit of a dual axle meaning that the chair can be easily and economically converted from a self-propel to an attendant transit wheeled model.

Harley proform range

Harley Proform standard cushion – Manufactured from high grade nodular foam allowing air to circulate freely – Ideal for a variety for situations, whether to elevate an easy chair or in a wheelchair – Lightweight, easily transportable and highly comfortable – Supplied with luxury suedette cover as standard – Other cover options available.


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